The Most Comprehensive Buw Hair Reviews From Customers

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Check this blog and read Buw Hair reviews through products, prices, and services if you are considering whether or not to buy hair products from them.

The Buw Hair Factory is among the largest of its kind in the United States. In this post, we’ll look into what past customers have said regarding the Buw Hair reviews to see if it’s reliable enough to answer the question, “Is Buw Hair trustworthy?”

Company overviews

Buw Hair is one of the top wholesale hair vendors in USA, providing only the highest quality hair extensions, thanks to its ten years in business and considerable experience in the hair industry. It’s no wonder that this company is one of the greatest hair suppliers in the United States, given that it operates seven brick-and-mortar stores in strategic locations across the country (including Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Houston).

According to their website and Buw Hair reviews, Buw Hair’s goal is “To enhance the beauty of our valuable customers by providing different hair extensions to suit each one of their preference and taste.” It is why they prioritize producing high-quality goods at fair prices and supplying outstanding support. In the following paragraphs, we shall go into greater depth regarding the evaluations of the Buw Hair facility.

Buw Hair is one of the best hair vendors in the US

Buw Hair is one of the best hair vendors in the US

Hair products according to Buw Hair reviews

Here, we’ll focus on the three most important aspects of hair care: products, hair quality, and the price of hair.

Range of products

The Buw human hair factory claims to be well-known for its extensive stock of hair extensions. While information on their exact inventory is lacking, their reputation for variety suggests that they sell everything from hair extensions to accessories.

  • Hair source: Due to Buw Hair reviews, they have led to a surge in demand for hair extensions made from Asian hair such as in China, India, and Malaysia. They value quality above all else and want their consumers to have the most significant items possible, despite the fact that they import from a wide variety of countries.
  • Main products: mostly hair wigs and hair bundles
  • Hair textures and colors: To meet the needs of a wide range of consumers, these items may be made available in a wide range of hair textures (straight, wavy, curly), lengths, colors, and attachment methods.

Whether you’re a retailer or a wholesaler, Buw Hair Factory has everything you’re looking for regarding hair products. The wide selection of hair care items sold at Buw Hair demonstrates the company cares about satisfying a wide range of customers’ preferences and demands.

Buw Hair offers a wide range of wigs and bundles

Buw Hair offers a wide range of wigs and bundles

Hair wigs from Buw Hair

Sew-ins, Glueless wigs, HD lace wigs, and 360 lace wigs are just some of the popular options among Buw Hair’s wigs. The adaptability and variety of these goods’ textures and hues are what set them apart.
The hair might be straight, curly, wavy, or even cut short into a pixie. There is a wide variety of colors available as well, from timeless neutrals like black and brown to vivid primary hues like 613 color.

The wigs, according to Buw Hair factory reviews, are aesthetically pleasing and give consumers versatility by letting them try out new hairstyles and looks without damaging their hair.

Other hair products

Besides wigs, Buw Hair also provides hair bundles; closures & bundles for customers. These are products to complete a complete set of wigs:

  • Origin: Buw Hair provides products imported from countries such as Peru, Brazil, China, Malaysia,… countries with abundant raw material sources.
  • Color & textures: natural color mainly, 613 colors.
  • Quality: Considered high quality, comes with a price competitive with other brands.

Many customers choose Buw Hair as a high-quality hair supplier because the raw materials have clear origins and reasonable prices.

They guarantee on their products and origin sources

They guarantee on their products and origin sources

Hair quality from Buw Hair

Considered one of the hair vendors providing quality wigs and bundles, Buw Hair puts product quality first. According to Buw Hair reviews, their wig products have high quality, smooth hair, and no chemical smell. But people with expertise in the hair industry also highly appreciate the quality of Buw Hair’s products when recognizing that their hair has a clear origin and meets standards for sale to the market.

However, on the user side, there are mixed opinions one side thinks the quality of their products is good, while those who stay after experiencing the product have a different view. They think that Buw Hair’s hair is frizzy, unruly, and has poor durability.

Many satisfied buyers have given Buw Hair Factory high marks for the high quality of their hair products. The hair can last up to two to three years with good care because of the superior sourcing and little processing.

Feedback after buying hair products from this hair supplier

Feedback after buying hair products from this hair supplier

There have been some unfavorable complaints about the hair quality on Buw Hair reviews, with customers voicing worries about the quality of the hair. Since it can be difficult to provide 100% quality control from the vendors, it’s possible that the problems stem from erratic hair material sources.

They gets a lot of bad reviews due to poor quality hair

They gets a lot of bad reviews due to poor quality hair

Hair price

It’s possible that the Buw Hair factory’s costs are more expensive than those of similar establishments in the United States and elsewhere. This pricier option usually comes with a promise of superior hair quality and complete happiness for the buyer. Because of their dedication to offering superior items, Buw Hair factory is able to charge more for their wares. Key hair costs based on Buw human hair factory reviews are as follows:

  • Natural color bundles: from $18/per bundle 10”
  • 14×3 Transparent Lace: $59
  • 4×4 Closure wig: $245
  • 5×5 HD Lace: $208

Exceptional hair quality is a priority for Buw Hair Factory. If you’ve read positive reviews of the Buw Hair and are thinking about placing an order, you shouldn’t hesitate to go with this product. In particular, there are seven brick-and-mortar locations around the United States where customers may do a last check and purchase in person. On the other hand, if you’re looking for hair goods at a discount, you can find hair factories in Asia. They have access to an inexpensive and plentiful supply of hair products.

Some of the main hair prices from Buw Hair

Some of the main hair prices from Buw Hair

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Buw Hair reviews on services and policies

You can learn more about how to place an order with Buw Hair by reading some Buw human hair factory reviews on policy and service.

Customer service ratings for Buw Hair Factory

The service that Buw Hair Factory’s customers receive is legendary. Their trained sales staff is always on hand to provide insightful recommendations and recommendations tailored specifically to the demands of each individual consumer. From first interest to after-sale follow-up, Buw Hair Factory is committed to providing excellent service to each and every one of its customers.

  • Website: Customers can get all the information they need about the company and its offerings on the user-friendly website. Informed purchases are made when consumers have all the information they need about a product.
  • Service: The sales staff at Buw Hair Factory is always accessible to answer any questions or address any issues their clientele may have. They respond quickly and helpfully to Buw Hair reviews, meeting the needs of their customers and offering them individualized assistance. The sales staff is committed to providing superior service to any customer who contacts them by email, chat, or phone.
  • 24/7 response: They care about their customers’ happiness long after they’ve made a transaction. As part of this process, we’ll answer any questions or concerns your consumers may have about the items they ordered.

Overall, Buw Hair places a premium on customer service by giving a trained sales staff, a user-friendly website with many pictures and descriptive content, and persistent help at every stage of the buying process.

Customers reviews on Buw Hair's service

Customers review on Buw Hair’s service

Customers felt unsatisfied with Buw Hair Factory since it was slow to respond to their communications and otherwise did not meet their needs.

They also received bad reviews with their service

They also received bad reviews with their service

Payment method from Buw Hair

In the United States, you can skip the middleman and go straight to the store to try out the goods and make a purchase. The Buw Hair website also accepts online orders.
Reviews of the Buw Hair Factory indicate that consumers in the United States can pay with either cash or a bank account. Buw allows international consumers to pay using PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

Shipping and delivery

Buw Hair uses two packages sent via USPS or DHL. They use USPS for shipping domestic orders and DHL for international shipments.

Buw Hair reviews state that they offer discounts and free shipping for orders over $90. For orders of less than $90 in hair products, shipping costs will vary by delivery address. If you’re an international consumer looking to shop at the Buw Hair factory online, you’ll have to weigh your two order alternatives and wait anywhere from three to seven days for delivery.

Reviews from customers about shipping and policies from Buw Hair

Reviews from customers about shipping and policies from Buw Hair

Return and exchange policies

Customers have 14 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange their product if it qualifies under Buw Hair Factory’s return and exchange policy. You can send an email with details about a defective or inaccurate item.

All returned items must be in their original condition and packaging, and the purchaser must pay for return shipping. Once we’ve received and inspected the returned package, we’ll issue a refund within 24 hours. Orders may be modified or canceled up to the time they are packed. If you need help, you can send an email to customer care and get a reply within a business day.

Within 14 days after purchase, customers can return or exchange qualified items purchased from Buw Hair.

Should you buy hair after reading Buw Hair reviews

Whether you should buy hair from Buw Hair after reading Buw Hair reviews is dependent on your individual goals and budget. In the United States, customers can visit stores in person to examine goods and ensure they meet expectations before making a purchase decision.

But if you’re worried about the hair’s quality or origin, or you just want to save money, you might want to check out the factories in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, India or China. You may need to make a well-informed decision that meets your unique needs. If Vietnamese hair factory is one of your consideration, you should choose 2V Hair as the adequate price and quality we bring back. The overall reviews and feedback from previous customers always reached 4 or 5 stars and expressed their satisfaction to repurchase. So do not hesitate to buy hair extensions at 2V Hair and contact us at:


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