Anbi Hair Factory Reviews: What Makes Them Stand Out

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If you are thinking of buying high-quality Vietnamese hair, check out Anbi Hair factory reviews for more information about their business and how to buy hair.

Anbi Hair’s origin story, which began on a social media platform when the firm was first created, makes them stand out from other new hair providers on the market. In order to provide the most comprehensive analysis possible, we will investigate every aspect of the Anbi Hair based on Anbi Hair factory reviews.

Introduction to Anbi Hair Factory

Anbi Hair is one of the newest Vietnamese hair factories. This hair maker has built a substantial following on social media in just its first three years of operation. Reviews of the Anbi Hair factory claim that the vendor has made over 2,000 posts on the website and has received thousands of comments from customers all around the world.

Anbi Hair was founded in 2020, making it a rookie in the Vietnamese hair extension industry. Because of its proximity to a plentiful supply of raw materials, this hair mill chose to set up shop in Bac Ninh province. Even though this hair vendor is just getting started, they have a leg up on the competition because of the lessons they’ve learned and the knowledge they’ve picked up from established businesses in the industry.

They stand out from the crowd since they’re a young, vibrant, and inventive startup. In a short length of time, Anbi Hair has become extremely well-known and well-liked among numerous Vietnamese hair factories out there, and it has also established a robust social media presence.

The goal of Anbi Hair’s viral videos and postings promoting its Vietnamese hair wholesaler is to break into the market. There are hundreds of likes on these videos and postings from customers and hair lovers all across the world. According to Anbi Hair factory reviews, they commit to ethically sourcing high-quality wholesale Vietnamese hair, which guarantees the best possible experience for customers.

New hair vendors flood the market every year because selling hair extensions is a lucrative business. However, not all of these new hair merchants can replicate Anbi Hair’s success. As you read Anbi Hair reviews, you’ll find more and more specifics about the Anbi Hair factory and the services they offer. Anbi Hair uses two online sales methods: WhatsApp and Instagram, so customers can find information easily through the Anbihairfactoryvn website or any social platform.

Anbi Hair is one of reputable Vietnamese hair factories

Anbi Hair is one of the reputable Vietnamese hair factories

Anbi Hair Factory reviews on their products

In this portion of our Anbi Hair factory reviews, we will talk at length about the products that this vendor sells, as they constitute the backbone of their operation.

Hair source and main hair products

The hair products sold by Anbi Hair, a relatively young hair manufacturer, are obtained ethically, collected with great care, and properly processed. Everything gets done at the main office, where there are plenty of tools and skilled workers to get the job done. There are three main types of hair available from the Anbi hair factory, and they are virgin hair, raw hair, and baby hair as rated by various sources.

  • Virgin hair from Vietnam is hair that has never been dyed, permed, or otherwise altered from its natural state. This means that it has not been chemically altered in any manner, including by being straightened, curled, bleached, or dyed.
  • Raw hair refers to human hair that has not been treated with any chemicals or processed in any way before being obtained from the donor. Hair extensions from Anbi Hair are available in a rainbow of colors and lengths, from a petite six inches to a towering forty. Color options include natural black, light brown, red, and blonde.
  • Baby hair: Anbi Hair’s use of the term “baby hair” may refer to hair collected from young donors. The term “baby hair” can also be used to describe strands of hair taken from infants. The exceptional smoothness, silkiness, and softness of this type of hair sets it apart from all others. Due to its scarcity and difficulty of collection, this hair is only available in small quantities and typically in a narrower range of lengths.

There are currently two main categories of wigs available according to Anbi Hair factory reviews: HD wigs and lace wigs. HD wigs are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from natural brown to burgundy to a two-tone blend of the two. They also come in a variety of textures, such as natural straight, bone straight, curly, and wavy. Many buyers have noted the seamless integration of high-quality and well-balanced design in these products.

Some of the main products from Anbi Hair

Some of the main products from Anbi Hair

Anbi Hair reviews attest that the company produces and sells a dazzling array of hair products that stand out from the crowd. For such a young company, they have access to some rather long hair, as evidenced by the fact that some of their hair extensions measure up to 40 inches in length.

There are 3 types of hair from Anbi

There are 3 types of hair from Anbi

On the other hand, they need to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for by compiling a comprehensive list of hair products and related information.

Hair quality

Anbi Hair always works with honest Vietnamese vendors to get its hair. All of the hair offered for sale by this company is unprocessed virgin hair, meaning it has never been dyed or permed. This is why Anbi Hair’s hair extensions are unparalleled in the industry in terms of their silkiness, shine, and durability.

  • Wigs: Anbi Hair is known as the hair factory that provides high-quality HD Lace Wigs because they have a hair production line and a guaranteed hair source. Wigs are commented by many customers to be 100% natural human hair, not chemically treated or have a chemical smell. They advertise that their hair can be used for up to 10 years. However, you should also clearly understand that most wigs from Vietnam have an average lifespan of only 5-6 years.
  • Other hair types: Anbi Hair also provides other products such as bulk hair, hair extensions, closures and frontals, ensuring that the hair source coming to customers is all genuine products. However, they also encountered some controversies when the advertising images and the quality received by customers were not consistent with each other.

The hair produced by Anbi Hair Factory reviews is versatile in terms of styling options and has a beautiful color and texture. Because of its extraordinary malleability, it can be shaped in any way you like. You can get either sleek and straight or voluminous and curly hair at Aanbi Hair Factory, depending on your preferences.

Anbi Hair guarantees on their hair products

Anbi Hair guarantees on their hair products

Positive feedback from clients due to high-quality hair from Anbi hair: The hair is considered natural, has no chemical smell, is easy to care for, and does not become tangled when combing:

Feedback about quality of hair

Feedback about quality of hair

However, besides positive comments, Anbi also received a lot of negative feedback from customers through social network platforms. Customers say their hair is of poor quality and easily tangled. You should check out Anbi Hair reviews before you purchase from them.

Anbi Hair receives bad reviews from customers

Anbi Hair receives bad reviews from customers

Hair price

Their pricing strategy reflects this philosophy, and as a result, they provide customers with an experience that is both high-end and reasonably priced.

Multiple customer reviews of the Anbi Hair factory attest that the factory’s hair costs more than the hair costs of competing suppliers. However, they provide several Vietnamese hair price reductions for several special occasions and bulk orders.

The minimum order is 15 kilograms, or $10,000. Wholesale price includes packaging.
This super wholesale package has a minimum order requirement of 50 kilograms, or $50,000.

According to certain testimonials posted on the Anbi Hair factory’s website, the company’s VIP customers receive a handwritten card outlining exclusive discounts and privileges. If you buy from Anbi Hair, you can trust that your money will be properly spent because of the company’s commitment to transparency.

Anbi Hair offers wholesale hair price for customers

Anbi Hair offers wholesale hair prices for customers

Each item’s price fairly reflects the time and effort invested in its creation as well as the high quality of the materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes used. Some customers, however, might argue that the hair products’ high price tag is unjustifiable, given the misleading marketing materials.

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Services and policies according to Anbi Hair Factory reviews

The evaluations for Anbi Hair Factory consistently praise the quality of their customer service. They are responsive to inquiries and helpful in locating answers to issues. However, some customers have complained about the customer service team’s poor response times.

Customer service from Anbi Hair

Whenever a query or problem is brought up, the staff at Anbi Hair Factory is usually quick to address it. They usually respond the same day you contact them. When there’s an issue, you can typically count on customer service to help you out after reading Anbi Hair factory reviews.

Customers can get information from them in response to their questions and requests for help in locating certain items. All of the workers here are very nice and easy to talk to. They are happy to help customers and will go the extra mile to make sure buyers are satisfied with their purchases.

Customers have complained that the company’s help team does not always respond quickly enough due to Anbi Hair factory reviews. This might be annoying if you have any questions or issues with your order. Some customers have complained that they did not always receive useful responses from Anbi Hair Manufacturing’s customer care team. They have no idea how to resolve the issues or answer the queries.

Feedback about service from customer

Feedback about service from customer

Most customers say that Anbi Hair Factory has above-average customer service. However, it does have a few drawbacks, the most notable of which is a slow response time. You should read Anbi Hair Factory reviews before making a purchase.

The Anbi Hair Factory reviews on policy

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Anbi Hair, and numerous reviewers have noted the company’s generous exchange, return, and refund policies.

Anbi Hair Factory will accept returns and exchanges for any reason within 30 days of the original purchase. If you are not satisfied with the cut you received, you may return it for a new style or a replacement cut at no additional cost.

You can get a complete refund if you return your product to the Anbi Hair factory within 30 days of receipt. If you aren’t happy with the quality of your hair, you can send it back and get a full refund.

The Anbi Hair Factory Vietnam has a return policy and a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back and get a full refund, but the shipping charges both ways will be on you.

Shipping from Anbi Hair Factory

The Anbi Hair Factory is a global hair supply company. Customers can choose from many shipping options, including expedited shipping and standard shipping at a reduced cost. They take a wide variety of payment types, including PayPal, credit cards, and electronic bank transfers.

Anbi Hair offers several delivery options for its customers, including DHL, agency, and FedEx. Careful packaging and handling ensure that the customer’s hair arrives safely at their doorstep. If your order total is sufficiently high, they will ship it to you at no cost. Even though Anbi Hair Factory’s delivery is typically rapid and prompt, many reviews note that it can be significantly slower than usual during peak seasons.

Feedback of customer about low shipping

Feedback from customers about low shipping

Should you buy hair from Anbi Hair Factory?

To help you decide whether or not to purchase from Anbi Hair Factory, we have included some feedback from customers. Positive reviews about Anbi Hair Factory predominate online. Customers, however, are dissatisfied with one facet of this hair vendor

Some customers are happy with the products and the service they received from Anbi Hair Factory, while others are not happy with either the quality of the items or the degree of care they received. To make the right decisions, you must give careful thought to all of these critiques.

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