Exploring The Best Address For Hair Extensions in USA

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This article will reveal information on USA hair extensions along with the top 10 most reputable addresses providing these high-quality hair products.

If you are interested or attracted by the outstanding beauty of hair extensions USA, you cannot miss this article. 2V Hair will provide complete information about this product and reputable addresses providing US hair extensions with high quality and the most reasonable prices.

Things must know about hair extensions USA

Hair extensions US is always a sought-after product in the international hair market because of its many outstanding advantages. Let’s explore the information you need to know about this hair product:

Facts about hair extensions in USA

Currently, the hair extensions business in the USA is extremely blooming and developing. The U.S. hair extension market is projected to grow from $1.92 billion in 2021 to $3.44 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 8.71% in the forecast period, 2021-2028 (Fortune Business Insights)

In the USA, there has been an all-round increase in the demand for grooming items, including products related to hair, many women here are willing to spend large sums of money to have a natural and flawless look. Thus, the demand for hair extensions USA is on the upswing, benefiting the hair extension market. The high-profit margin of this hair extensions business also makes many companies join this potential and lucrative industry.

The demand for hair extensions in the US is expected to increase

The demand for hair extensions in the US is expected to increase

However, the truth is that hair suppliers in the USA are mainly commercial companies, they do not directly produce hair but only resell it because they do not own hair factories. They generally import hair extensions from reputable hair factories in the world, including Vietnam, China, India, and others.

Quality of hair

As stated earlier, a significant proportion of hair vendors in the USA procure their products from manufacturers situated in nations including Vietnam, China, and India. As a result, the quality of the imported hair will also be influenced by its origin:

  • Vietnam: Vietnamese hair is always one of the most sought-after hair types on the market. Vietnamese hair is distinguished by its inherent qualities of darkness, thickness, strength, luster, manageability, and longevity. Despite its considerably high price point, this hair product remains highly coveted in the market due to the exceptional quality it provides.
  • China: Chinese hair is renowned for its extensive variety of designs and textures, however, there is controversy surrounding its quality. Numerous customers have expressed the view that Chinese hair, despite its lustrous and alluring appearance, has a short lifespan and degrades rapidly. In general, Chinese hair is slightly more affordable, consequently, its quality is more inferior than Vietnamese hair.
  • India: Although Indian hair is widely acknowledged as the most economical hair product available, Indian hair quality remains a subject of controversy. Attainable hair is categorized as either hairballs or temple hair. Temple hair, despite its density and resilience, is coarse and curly. On the other hand, hairballs, which are formed from hair fragments gathered in public spaces, generate hair that is exceedingly fragile and prone to unraveling, tangling, and breakage.

Each hair source will provide hair of different quality so don’t neglect to conduct extensive research on the hair source of the hair extensions USA that you intend to purchase in order to locate the highest quality products.

The quality of hair extensions USA depends on the hair source

The quality of hair extensions USA depends on the hair source

Price of hair

The average cost of hair extensions USA is in a relatively high segment in the world hair market.

USA Vietnam India China
Hair extensions $153/kg $130/kg $114/kg $121/kg
Hair bulk $146/kg $110/kg $112/kg $115/kg
Hair weft $150/kg $110/kg $90/kg $120/kg
Hair wigs from $151 from $143 from $124 from $142

Prices of USA hair extensions products are generally higher than the average in the international market. This is because hair vendors have to import hair from Asian countries, so it will include additional shipping fees, customs duties, etc. In addition, labor costs in the USA are also quite expensive, along with the The profit margin of this industry in the US is quite high, so the price of a hair extension product here will not be cheap.

If you are wondering about the cost when choosing USA hair extensions, you can consider buying products directly from Vietnam. This market has many direct manufacturers so the cost will be much cheaper than USA hair, from only $110/kg for bulk hair but the hair quality is also extremely guaranteed. In addition, they also have natural hair sources, so the supply is very stable.

Main types of USA hair extensions product

High demand exists in the hair industry for hair extensions USA on account of its superior quality and natural look. One of the most frequently utilized hair products in USA is the following:

  • Hair extensions: US Hair extensions are always the most popular products. Tape-in extensions, which are adhered to the natural hair with tape, tip-in extensions, which are affixed with small keratin-tipped bonds, and hair extensions that are attached and detached with the click of a clip vary in design. Hair extensions offer a wide range of installation and styling options.
  • Hair weft: By stitching strands of hair onto a track, hair wefts are produced in the form of a continuous strip of hair that can be affixed to the wearer with ease. Customers who purchase hair wefts frequently purchase frontal and closure hair extensions USA in order to achieve the most flawless and natural hair possible.
  • Wigs: Wigs are available in numerous designs, including lace front and full lace. A prosthesis allows you to alter the color, length, and texture of your hair. The majority of USA hair extensions vendors offer wigs for sale.

In addition to the three most popular varieties of hair extensions US, purveyors of hair in the US offer an extensive variety of additional products in a variety of hues, textures, and lengths.

Main types of USA hair extensions product

Main types of USA hair extensions product

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Standards for evaluating high quality hair extensions USA

Among countless options, choosing US hair extensions that you like is not easy. Let’s consider the standards that a high-quality hair extension product needs to pay attention to.

  • Hair origin: Quality hair source will have quality hair quality, please ask the supplier to provide a certificate about the origin of the hair. You can request pictures and videos or call to authenticate the hair factory, ensuring the hair is of reputable origin and the production process is completely guaranteed.
  • Texture and appearance: High-quality hair extensions have a consistent texture from root to tip. Inspect the strands for uniformity in thickness and length. In addition, hair needs to have natural shine and strength, not overly glossy or synthetic. Run your fingers through the extensions multiple times. If they remain smooth and tangle-free, it indicates good quality. Then gently tug at the strands, minimal shedding is normal, but if the extensions shed excessively, they might not be of high quality.
  • Durability: Look for hair extensions USA that don’t tangle and don’t shed too much with use, washing, or brushing and combing. Additionally, good hair products can withstand heat styling tools like straighteners and curling irons. To test the durability, you can request a hair sample and try several methods such as washing it with shampoo, curling it or heat pressing it, high quality hair extensions will not change too much.
  • Comfortable to use: Hair extension has various attachment methods, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, and fusion,…. The chosen method should be secure and gentle on your natural hair. Try wearing hair extensions to see if it harms your natural hair. In addition, if it feels heavy, uncomfortable or does not fit well when wearing it, that is a sign of a low quality product.
  • Supplier’s reputation: Evaluate the supplier’s reputation through feedback and reviews from customers and beauty bloggers, focusing on reviews with images or videos to increase authenticity. Look for suppliers with a great reputation and many years of experience in the industry. Suppliers with clear information, transparent prices and policies are also big pluses.

By considering these crucial criteria, you can confidently choose high-quality hair extensions US that enhance your beauty and provide long-lasting satisfaction.

Standards for evaluating high-quality hair

Standards for evaluating high-quality hair

Top 10 hair extensions USA suppliers

It is difficult to locate a reputable and high-quality provider of hair extension products due to the abundance of options. For your personal and informational purposes, we have compiled a list of the 10 most reputable hair extensions US vendors.

Below are the leading 10 hair extensions USA suppliers:

  1. 2V Hair Factory
  2. Private Label
  3. Riverwood
  4. BUW Hair
  5. USA Hair
  6. Dynasty Goddess
  7. Hair & Compounds Inc
  8. Pelo Diva
  9. Hair Talk USA
  10. The Weave Company

2V Hair Factory

2V Hair Factory, one of the finest hair extensions suppliers currently, should not be overlooked. Despite being based in Vietnam but with over a decade of industry experience and a strong standing in the hair market, this hair factory is famous for supplying hair extensions USA.

  • By ensuring that all hair products are produced from 100 percent raw human hair from Vietnam, this hair wholesaler guarantees superior quality. The hair produced by 2V Hair Factory is durable, luxuriant, and has a lifespan of two to five years. They provide a variety of hair extension products with every color, style, and texture you desire.
  • The cost of the products offered by this supplier falls within the middle-range segment, which is remarkably economical in light of the high quality of hair. Additionally, 2V Hair Factory offers numerous attractive promotions and incentives on a regular basis for wholesale and retail clients.
  • 2V Hair Factory sets itself apart from other hair suppliers in USA through its unwavering dedication to ensuring customer fulfillment. You may return or exchange an item if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, as they have a clear policy.

A reputable hair source, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and incredibly competitive prices distinguish 2V Hair as a prominent hair supply company in USA for hair extensions. With a large number of loyal customers around the world, 2V Hair is considered as one of the best wholesale hair suppliers in the USA.

2V Hair Factory is one of the finest hair extensions suppliers

2V Hair Factory is one of the finest hair extension suppliers

Private Label

Private Label has become widely recognized and utilized by hair vendors in USA. After many years of hard work and establishment in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013, this organization has earned a solid reputation in the hair industry.

  • The hair vendor offers an extensive range of hair extensions US, such as weave hair, wigs, hair extensions in Atlanta, and hair maintenance tools.
  • Their products start at $50 for a raw hair bundle
  • They provide both a custom-made service and an extensive inventory of products that are prepared for shipment. By utilizing their made-to-order service, clients are granted the ability to meticulously choose the components they require, thereby constructing an extensions set comprising their preferred color, length, weight, and texture, all at an affordable cost.

While conducting research on USA hair extensions, this supplier is an absolute must-consider due to their commitment to quality and exceptional service.


Riverwood is among the top suppliers of hair extensions USA in Atlanta. After many years in business, this supplier has earned a solid reputation in this hair market

  • This supplier has a direct factory in China. It is certain that Riverwood sells every single hair bundle at wholesale prices.
  • Their dedication lies in delivering reasonably priced, superior-grade hair through dependable supply capabilities and a substantial inventory.
  • Riverwood is an establishment that focuses on providing human hair extensions in USA, along with hair bundles, top lace closures, frontals, and a range of textures including body wave, curly, straight, loose wave, and deep wave.
  • They customize and design, among other things, labels, tags, cartons, bags, and cards for wholesale partners. For online orders, expedited shipping is provided.

Their business clients are consistently encouraged to visit their factory in Xuchang, China. Riverwood Fashion guarantees that its clients will receive hair extensions US of the utmost quality, competitive pricing, and superior service.

Riverwood offers a variety of products with many incentives

Riverwood offers a variety of products with many incentives

BUW Hair

BUW, a USA-based hair company founded in 1979 with the intention of empowering women globally to feel more attractive and assured, has more than four decades of experience in the sector.

  • This supplier has 8 newly established facilities across the United States, all of which provide the highest quality US hair extensions to both retail and wholesale customers.
  • One bundle of hair extensions USA is the minimum order quantity for BUW human hair factory evaluations, which permits hair vendors to assess the quality of the product before proceeding with a larger order. In addition, BUW now provides competitively priced wholesale orders through a variety of promotion programs. A bundle of BUW hair extensions costs a minimum of $21 in length.
  • The predominant origin of hair extension products for this organization is China. Due to its extensive inventory and the fact that the products are imported from China and Chinese hair vendors can frequently fulfill large orders, BUW is capable of expeditiously delivering large orders.

If you are searching for high quality and affordable hair extensions US, you cannot ignore BUW Hair

USA Hair

USA Hair is the best wigs and hair extensions USA distributor in USA, providing customers with high quality and reliable hair products, from wigs and hair extensions to tools and equipment.

  • USA Hair has established connections and an internal network with hair companies worldwide. This enables them to provide their customers with an exceptional shopping experience, facilitated by cutting-edge technology that ensures their safety. Consequently, you can effortlessly and quickly acquire your preferred products at unbelievably low prices. The price of this supplier’s products is quite affordable, from $40 for a basic clip-ins product.
  • USA Hair not only offers high-quality products but also ensures that our customer service is impeccable by being extremely attuned to our clients’ needs and expectations.

This hair vendor diligently contributes to the improvement of the American economy by providing hair extensions USA that is precisely tailored to their diverse clientele.

USA Hair offers a variety of hair products

USA Hair offers a variety of hair products

Dynasty Goddess

USA-based domestic hair vendor Dynasty Goddess. Although the product is manufactured in Thailand, it is distributed from a warehouse located in Atlanta, USA.

  • Their hair extensions US selection is extensive, and the hair is typically dense and glossy. As they import hair from a variety of sources, it is crucial, however, to thoroughly assess the consistency of quality.
  • The price of this supplier’s hair extensions USA is quite high, from $75 for a basic hair extensions product.
  • This vendor is certain of the promptness and care of its delivery service. However, note that any delivery adjustments will incur a $10 fee following delivery of the hair.

The preeminent provider of USA hair extensions, Dynasty Goddess has been in business for over two decades. Therefore, this hair supplier is everything you need to consider when searching for the finest hair extensions in USA.

Hair & Compounds Inc

Established in 1992, this hair company presently offers US hair extensions that are 100% remy hair.

  • Lab-tested hair materials that are marginally elevated are available for purchase at Hair & Compounds. By utilizing the company’s customized orders, you are not limited to what is in stock.
  • More than forty tints are available to assist in the completion of any design. Through FaceTime or Skype, a virtual tour of the organization’s warehouse is possible.
  • To date, Hair & Compounds has achieved an order success rate of 99 percent. Should you experience dissatisfaction with your order, you are eligible for both a full refund and delivery.

They gradually established themselves as the preferred hair extensions USA supplier in Hollywood for wigs utilized in major film and television productions.

Hair & Compounds Inc offers hair products that are 100% remy hair

Hair & Compounds Inc offers hair products that are 100% remy hair

Pelo Diva

Pelo Diva operates as an authorized vendor and distributor of wholesale hair in Atlanta. They offer reasonably priced virgin hair extension US services of the highest quality to the general public.

  • Presently available are Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions, Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions, and Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions in Straight, Body Wave, and Deep Wave, among other popular designs, in lengths ranging from 10 to 30 inches.
  • Their hair extensions USA are priced in the middle of the market, with a fundamental hair extension product beginning at just $60.

Pelo Diva always believes that customer satisfaction is the most important thing. The entire personnel is committed to meeting the demands and expectations of their clientele. Consequently, a substantial proportion of their income is generated through word-of-mouth and consumer referrals.

Hair Talk USA

Hair Talk USA is another well-known hair supplier that provides the United States market with an extensive selection of hair extensions USA.

  • Hair products include hair bulk, tape-ins, clip-ins, and hair weft with a variety of extremely attractive colors and textures.
  • This supplier offers very competitive prices for hair extensions in USA, from only $35 for a bundle of 12-inch raw hair.
  • This hair vendor is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to their clients. They also have a very clear and reasonable return and refund policy.

By prioritizing quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, Hair Talk USA has positioned itself as a dependent hair supplier within the United States.

Hair Talk USA is a well-known hair supplier that provides high quality products

Hair Talk USA is a well-known hair supplier that provides high quality products

The Weave Company

As its name implies, The Weave Shop offers an extensive selection of weave hair extensions USA products for sale.

  • You can purchase USA hair extensions in an assortment of textures and colors, including straight, curly, and colored varieties.
  • The Weave Shop is a US hair extensions wholesaler that is highly recommended due to its competitive pricing. A greater discount is applied to the cost of purchasing weft hair in bulk.

Outstanding attributes of this supplier consistently include exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.


With appeal in both appearance and quality, hair extensions USA is increasingly asserting its outstanding position in the hair market. However, don’t forget to consider the basic standards of a high-quality product and the top reputable suppliers we have mentioned so you can make a wise choice and have the best shopping experience. If you want to buy hair extensions with a wide range of product, texture, length, color at the finest price, quickly contact 2V Hair at:

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