Arabella Hair Reviews: Comprehensive Customer Testimonials

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Arabella Hair reviews will give the customers the overall impression of clients who have used their products and services and information about their work.

Arabella Hair is a reputable hair extensions supplier. Arabella Hair reviews will reveal the truth behind their business through customer testimonials about their products and services.

Arabella Hair Introduction

Arabella Hair is a renowned Chinese hair extension supplier, specializing in exquisite human hair wigs and extensions. With a big factory in China and a warehouse in the US, they can deliver and distribute their hair to many places in the world. As a leading China hair factories in the industry, Arabella Hair offers a wide range of high-quality products to enhance the beauty and style of their customers.

With a focus on providing top-notch customer service, Arabella Hair strives to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. They offer various hair extensions and wig options, allowing customers to choose the best method for their needs and preferences.

Is Arabella Hair legit? Is Arabella’s Hair good? Let’s find out in the most honest Arabella Hair reviews from 2V Hair.

Arabella Hair reviews on their products

Many reviews on Arabella Hair suggest that Arabella offers a wide range of hair products, especially sophisticated and well-made wigs that are designed to stand wear and tear and provide comfort for users. Let’s take a look at what the customers think about their products.

Their product range

There is a wide collection of Arabella human hair wigs and extensions, including lace frontal wigs, closure wigs, and 13×4 lace frontals, according to Aberalla hair reviews. These products come in different textures, such as body wave and straight, and are made with Brazilian or Peruvian hair.

  • Pre-cut & wear-go wigs: This product range is made of high-quality hair with undetectable and glueless lace for easy and convenient installation. 4×4, 5×5, 6×5, and 13×4 lace sizes are available in various textures such as body wave, curly, loose wave straight, and yaki
  • HD lace wigs: Arrabella has a wide range of HD lace wigs that are available in highlight, natural black, and pure color. Customers can choose from a vast range of lace sizes: 3×2, 4×4, 5×4, 6×5, 13×4,..
  • Bundles and closures: there is a wide collection of bundles and closures at Arrabella Hair. They come in straight, jerry curly, deep wavy,… textures with highlight, piano, burgundy, blonde, light brown, and ombre color.

Arrabella offers a big collection of wigs, bundles, and closures in many colors and textures for the needs and preferences of various customers, which helps increase customer satisfaction with their products with many positive Arabella hair wig reviews.

Arabella Hair has a wide selection of hair products

Arabella Hair has a wide selection of hair products


Reviews on Arabella Hair show that Arabella Hair offers a range of hair products at different price points. The prices can vary depending on the type of product and the specific options you choose.

  • 10-inch Body wave bundles and closures: The regular price mentioned is $249.99, with a sale price of $149.99.
  • 18-inch HD glueless lace wigs: The original price is $371.99, and the discounted price is $259.99
  • 13×4 Pre-bleached glueless lace front with jerry curly texture: The normal price is $283.99 and the discounted price is $ 109.99
  • 4×4 Chestnut brown bone straight lace closure: The normal price is $167 and the discounted rate is $99

Arabella Hair also offers Arabella Hair discount code and Arabella Hair coupon code for their products. Though the discounts may be the marketing tricks to boost sale volume, customers think that the price is affordable.

This company has received positive Arabella Hair reviews regarding its pricing. Customers have mentioned that the quality of the hair justifies the price and that it is worth the investment.

Customers think the hair price is reasonable

Customers think the hair price is reasonable

Hair quality

Based on Arabella reviews, Arabella Hair is generally associated with good hair quality. Customers have mentioned that the hair is soft, manageable, and has a natural texture. Arabella Hair reviews youtube specifically highlights the good quality of their 613 lace front wig, mentioning that it is thick and pre-plucked.

Additionally, the Arabella hair wig reviews mention that Arabella Hair offers premium quality wigs and upgraded craftsmanship. The brand offers various hair types, including Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian hair, which suggests a range of options for customers to choose from.

Arabella Hair has generally received positive feedback regarding the quality of their hair products. Customers have mentioned that the hair is soft, manageable, and has a good texture. Some reviews specifically highlight that the hair looks natural and blends well with their own hair.

There are some good Arabella Hair reviews on hair quality

There are some good Arabella Hair reviews on hair quality

It’s worth noting that the search results also include some negative reviews and mentions of potential scams or issues with hair quality. However, it’s important to consider that online reviews can be subjective and experiences may vary from person to person.

Customers complained about Arabella Hair hair quality

Customers complained about Arabella Hair hair quality

Arabella hair reviews on customer service

Arabella Hair customer service has mixed Arrabella Hair reviews. While some customers have had positive experiences, there are also mentions of negative experiences and difficulties in contacting customer service. Here are what they offer:

  • Customers can contact Arabella Hair through order email, wholesale email, WhatsApp, and phone number to get in touch with the sales team.
  • Arabella is a one-on-one customer assistant for customized Arabella hair design.

In most Arabella reviews, Arabella Hair customer service got many compliments for the quick response, detailed advice, and professional manner.

Arabella Hair has good customer service

Arabella Hair has good customer service

There are mixed reviews regarding Arabella Hair’s customer service. While some customers have mentioned positive experiences, others have expressed dissatisfaction.

Some Arabella hair wig reviews mention that the customer service at Arabella Salon was the worst the customer had ever experienced and They never got the responses from the staff.

Clients complained about the late replies

Clients complained about the late replies

To get a better understanding of Arabella Hair’s customer service, it is recommended to read customer reviews on various platforms, such as the official website,, and other independent review websites. This will help you gather a more comprehensive view of the customer service experience with Arabella Hair. Additionally, reaching out to their customer service directly with any questions or concerns can provide further insight into their level of service.

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Arabella Hair reviews on Payment

Arabella Hair currently accepts payment via Klarna, Afterpay, PayPal, JCB, Amex, Applepay, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and Venmo. These payment methods provide flexibility and security for online transactions. Before processing a payment it’s always a good idea to verify the payment methods directly on the Arabella Hair website or contact their customer service for the most detailed information and conditions for making payments.
Though the wide range of payment methods gives customers the flexibility to do a transaction based on their needs and budgets, some Arabella Hair reviews state that Paypal is the best choice in case you want to request a refund.

Paypal is recommended when buying from Arabella Hair

Paypal is recommended when buying from Arabella Hair

Delivery service

Arabella Hair reviews state that this hair vendor offers shipping services through various carriers such as DHL, Dpex, TNT, USPS, and FedEx.

  • How long does Arabella Hair take to ship? The delivery time for orders within the United States is typically 3-5 days, while orders to Canada may take 4-7 days.
  • In terms of order processing, Arabella Hair aims to ship packages within 8-12 hours if the hair is in stock. However, if the item is out of stock, it may take 2-3 working days to customize it before shipping.

Most Arabella hair wig reviews state that Arabella Hair shipping is fast and punctual. In some cases, the hair even arrived sooner than expected.

Arabella Hair provides fast delivery service

Arabella Hair provides fast delivery service

It’s worth mentioning that specific information and feedback about delivery services, shipping costs, and any potential restrictions or limitations may vary. Some customers complained about the delayed Arabella Hair shipping due to out-of-stock items and the company refused to give them a fair refund.

Arabella Hair got bad reviews for the shipping process

Arabella Hair got bad reviews for the shipping process

Return and exchange policy

Arabella Hair reviews show that Arabella Hair has a customer-friendly return and exchange policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers typically have 48 hours from the time of receiving their order to request a return or exchange.

  • Customers will have to pay the shipping free when they want to exchange the products due to their preferences or when they want to change the color and style of the hair items
  • Sellers will be in charge of the shipping fee when they sell the wrong items, defective items, and artificial products. Buyers will need to provide honest photos about these problems to make their returns request eligible.
  • The return and exchange request will be processed within 1-3 working days. Sellers will need to send the tracking number to the buyers.

Overall, if customers wish to return or exchange their product, the hair mustn’t be used or damaged. Arabella Hair accepts customer returns or exchanges for any reason, and a full refund will be issued to the customer’s account if the hair meets the return criteria.

It’s advisable that the customers need to have a thorough discussion with the hair company in case they want a return, refund, or exchange. However, most customers have expressed their irritation because the company never processes a return or refund as clearly stated in the return policy in Arabella reviews.

Customers can not request a return from Arabella Hair

Customers can not request a return from Arabella Hair


Is Arabella hair legit? Is Arabella Hair real? Yes, Arabella Hair is a big hair company with a good reputation with many loyal customers worldwide.

It seems that the overall rating for Arabella Hair is positive, with a 4-star rating mentioned in some of the sources with many compliments for many aspects of their business such as their product, prices, customer service, and delivery service.

However, Arabella Hair also receives many negative reviews on the hair quality, customer service, and return, and exchange policy. Overall, it is always a good idea to read multiple reviews and consider different perspectives before making a purchasing decision.

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