Exploring Top 10 Best Wholesale Hair Extension Suppliers

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This article will reveal important information about hair extensions wholesale and the top 10 best reputable wholesale hair extension suppliers around the world. 

In the world of beauty and fashion, hair extensions have become an essential accessory for individuals seeking to transform their looks. For businesses and entrepreneurs looking to enter the thriving beauty industry, partnering with reliable wholesale hair extension suppliers is the key to success.

Below is the information you need to know and the top most reputable hair extension suppliers in the international hair market.

Things to know about wholesale hair extension suppliers

Wholesale hair extension suppliers are businesses or entities that specialize in the bulk production and distribution of hair extensions to other businesses, typically beauty salons, retailers, e-commerce stores, and individual entrepreneurs.

Some facts about wholesale hair extension suppliers

Before learning details about hair extension wholesale suppliers, let’s review some facts about these suppliers:

  • There are two primary types of wholesale hair extension suppliers. First, hair factories, which are dedicated facilities specializing in the production of various hair extensions. Second, there are commercial enterprises that act as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. These enterprises source hair extensions from various suppliers and offer a diverse selection of products.
  • Hair extensions manufacturers are primarily concentrated in Vietnam, China, and India. Vietnam boasts skilled artisans and high-quality human hair at competitive prices, while China offers a wide variety of options. India, renowned for its temple hair, supplies hair products at low prices to the global market
  • A growing concern in the industry is the blending of human hair with synthetic fibers by some suppliers to maximize profits. Blended extensions may compromise quality, leading to issues like tangling and matting, making it crucial for buyers to exercise caution.
  • Some of the best hair types in the world include raw Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair, Burmese hair, Brazilian virgin hair, and Peruvian hair. However, it’s worth noting that Brazilian and Peruvian hair has become more of a marketing gimmick, as the supply of genuine hair from these regions has diminished over time. To fairly assess, the quality of Vietnamese hair is increasingly guaranteed and surpasses the Indian, Brazil or China Hair in terms of meticulousness, texture and diverse designs, with 100% hair origin sourced from Vietnamese mountainous women. 

The hair extension industry is growing, so regularly updating information about wholesale hair extension suppliers and industry development trends is extremely necessary.

Wholesale hair extensions suppliers are primarily concentrated in Vietnam, China, and India

Wholesale hair extensions suppliers are primarily concentrated in Vietnam, China, and India

Hair materials from supplier of hair extensions

Wholesale hair extension suppliers provide the best hair extension products with a variety of hair materials, these are the most popular materials:

  • Raw hair: Raw hair is sourced directly from donors and remains unprocessed. This means you get hair in its most natural state, allowing for incredible versatility in styling. Raw hair extensions are one of the most favored products in the hair market.
  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair is collected from a single donor, ensuring consistency in texture and color. They have never undergone chemical treatments, making them a prime choice for a seamless blend with your natural hair.
  • Remy hair: Remy hair uses hair that has been obtained from numerous donors and processed to preserve the cuticles’ integrity and alignment. The hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction, reducing tangles and ensuring a sleek finish. Remy hair extensions is also a popular product at many wholesale suppliers.
  • Non-Remy hair: Non-Remy hair is made up of strands acquired from numerous sources, and the cuticles are not aligned. Non-Remy hair is of poor quality, and because of the nature of fibrous hair, it is easily ruffled when combed and handled.
  • Synthetic hair: Synthetic hair is a cost-effective and versatile option for experimenting with different hairstyles. While they may not have the natural authenticity of human hair, synthetic extensions come in various colors, textures, and styles.

Each type of hair material brings its unique qualities to the table, allowing you to achieve a wide range of hairstyles. Whether you seek authenticity, quality, or versatility, wholesale hair extension suppliers meet your needs and help you express your unique style.

Main types of hair extensions

There are 3 main types of hair extension: Bulk hair, weft hair, and hair extensions such as tape-ins, tip-ins and clip-ins:

  • Bulk hair: Bulk hair is the foundation of many hair extension products. It consists of loose strands of hair that are not attached to any weft or base. Bulk hair is a popular choice for professional hairstylists and salons as it provides maximum flexibility for customization
  • Weft hair extensions: Hair weft involves sewing or bonding individual hair strands together at the top, creating a continuous weft or track. Hair wefts come in various widths and are typically attached to natural hair using various methods such as sewing, glue, or microbeads. They are known for their durability and ability to provide thickness and length to the hair
  • Clip ins, tip-ins, tape ins: The hair is packaged in bundles with tips, clips, or tapes connected to the top of bundles so that buyers may quickly and simply attach it to natural hair. These wholesale hair extension products will assist in giving your hair more volume

With the flexible and diverse options offered by wholesale hair extension suppliers, individuals can easily achieve their desired hairstyle, whether it’s adding volume, length, or texture.

Popular types of hair extensions

Popular types of hair extensions

Hairstyles provided by supplier of hair extensions

Wholesale hair extension suppliers offer a wide range of options to cater to different hair types and preferences. Here are the 3 most popular hairstyles provided by wholesale hair extension factory:

  • Straight human hair extensions: Straight hair extensions are a timeless classic. There are 2 types of straight hair: natural straight and bone straight. They provide a sleek and polished look that works well for both everyday wear and special occasions. These extensions seamlessly blend with natural straight hair, creating a flawless, long-flowing appearance.
  • Curly human hair extensions: For those who desire voluminous, bouncy curls, curly hair extensions are the perfect choice. These extensions come in various curl patterns, allowing you to select the one that best complements your natural hair or desired style. They add an element of glamor and playfulness to your appearance. Popular types of curly include Pixie curly, kinky curly, jerry curly, bouncy curly, funmi curly.
  • Wavy human hair extensions: Wavy extensions are known for their natural-looking waves, which blend seamlessly with most hair types. These extensions are great for achieving a relaxed, beachy look or enhancing your overall hair volume with subtle waves. Popular types of wavy include Loose wavy, body wavy, deep wavy, and water wavy.

Whether you’re looking to achieve the sophistication of straight hair, the vivacity of curls, or the versatility of waves, a trusted hair extension supplier has you covered.

Hairstyles are provided by supplier of hair extensions

Hairstyles are provided by supplier of hair extensions

Top 10 wholesale hair extension suppliers

In the world of hair extensions, finding reliable wholesale suppliers is crucial for businesses in the beauty industry. In this article, we present the top 10 best wholesale hair extension suppliers, highlighting their main products, pricing, and customer service.

Below are the top 10 suppliers of hair extensions:

  1. 2V Hair Factory
  2. SGI Hair Factory
  3. Ted Hair
  4. K-Hair
  5. Jaipur Hair
  6. Apsara Cambodian Hair
  7. Rebe Hair
  8. Unice Hair
  9. Her Hair Company
  10. Mic Hair

2V Hair Factory – top 1 hair extension vendor

2V Hair Factory is a leading name in the wholesale hair extensions industry from Vietnam, known for its diverse product range and unwavering commitment to quality.

  • 2V Hair Factory stands out as providing the best human hair extensions which are made of 100% raw hair, known for their minimal shedding and tangling, ensuring that your customers will be satisfied with their purchase.
  • 2V Hair offers competitive pricing, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Plus, they provide attractive discounts for bulk orders, helping you maximize your profit margins.
  • This hair factory takes pride in its exceptional customer service. Their team is quick to respond to inquiries and always ready to assist, making your partnership with them a breeze.
  • 2V Hair is a direct manufacturer and supplier, not a commercial company, so it ensures top hair supply and quality. 2V Hair has customers all over the world and always receives positive feedback on both quality and service.

This hair supplier has many consumers worldwide and is always considered one of the most reputable wholesale hair extension suppliers. They are confident in their capacity to deliver great service to all consumers because of their professional sales personnel.

Contact 2V Hair for the best discount at: 


2V Hair is a leading name in the wholesale hair extensions industry from Vietnam

2V Hair is a leading name in the wholesale hair extensions industry from Vietnam

SGI Hair Factory

SGI Hair, established in 2008, stands as one of the most renowned hair extension companies in India, carving a niche for itself in the competitive hair industry.

  • At the heart of SGI Hair’s offerings is its raw Indian temple hair, a product line known for its exceptional quality and authenticity. Featured products are wavy human hair extensions and curly human hair extensions
  • While it’s true that SGI Hair’s prices might be slightly higher when compared to those of other Indian hair factories, it’s important to note that these prices remain competitive in the broader global hair market.
  • SGI Hair prides itself on its responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. They prioritize clear communication and aim to provide prompt and accurate solutions to any concerns or questions customers may have.

For those who prioritize affordability without compromising too much on quality, SGI Hair emerges as an ideal choice.

Contact SGI Hair at: 

  • Website:

Ted Hair

Ted Hair was formed in 2008 and has grown to become China’s largest and one of the top 10 wholesale hair suppliers worldwide. They are well-known for their extensive selection of hair extensions and low costs.

  • Ted Hair’s most popular goods are weft hair extensions and hair wigs is the best human hair extensions from Ted Hair, which come in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Ted Hair’s products have an appealing, smooth, and shiny appearance, but their quality varies because they are sourced from a range of sources.
  • Pricing is greater than at many other Chinese hair factories.
  • Customer feedback: With a high rating, Ted Hair receives several praises on the hair quality, particularly their gorgeous wigs.

Ted Hair, a Guangzhou-based hair extension factory with a huge and modern plant, is the hair extension supplier to go if you need to buy a quantity of hair quickly.

Contact Ted Hair at: 

  • Website:
Ted Hair is one of the best wholesale hair extension suppliers

Ted Hair is one of the best wholesale hair extension suppliers


K-Hair is one of your top options if you’re looking for a reputable hair extensions factory in Vietnam that meets your quality requirements. K-Hair has over 10 years of experience in the global hair industry.

  • They offer premium 100% Remy human hair extensions that are silky, smooth, and tangle-free. Their extensions are known for their natural look and durability.
  • While not the cheapest option, this hair extension manufacturer provides competitive pricing for the quality they offer.
  • This wholesale hair extension supplier has a flexible return and exchange policy, making it easy for buyers to manage their inventory effectively.
  • K-Hair provides excellent customer support, with a responsive team that is ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

Among the leading wholesale hair extension suppliers in Vietnam, K-Hair stands out by providing high quality products at prices worthy of the quality.

Contact K-Hair at: 

  • Website:

Jaipur Hair

Jaipur Hair, headquartered in the vibrant city of Jaipur, India, has earned a prominent reputation as one of the premier hair extensions companies in the Indian hair industry.

  • They specialize in a wide range of products, including virgin Indian human hair extensions, lace front wigs, weft hair extensions, and lace closure hair.
  • It has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality hair products. Their Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions, in particular, are celebrated for their natural shine, durability, and authenticity.
  • Despite offering top-tier quality, Jaipur Hair strives to maintain competitive pricing. This commitment to affordability sets them apart as an attractive option for those seeking premium hair products without an expensive price tag.

This is a standout Indian hair supplier known for its commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.

Contact Jaipur Hair at: 

  • Website:
Some outstanding products come from Jaipur Hair

Some outstanding products come from Jaipur Hair

Apsara Cambodian Hair

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a trusted name in the world of human hair extensions wholesale, renowned for its diverse range of high-quality Cambodian hair products at affordable prices.

  • Apsara Cambodian Hair offers a diverse range of main products, catering to a wide variety of hairstyles and preferences.
  • Compared to other wholesale hair extension suppliers in Cambodia, this hair vendor offers mid-range prices for its products and is well worth the quality they deliver.
  • Apsara Cambodian Hair’s policy is their willingness to accept returns and exchanges. This flexibility demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction, providing peace of mind for those who may have concerns about their purchase.

Apsara Cambodian Hair emerges as an excellent choice for your business needs. Their combination of good quality hair products and affordable pricing positions them as a valuable partner for those in the beauty and hair industry.

Contact Apsara Cambodian Hair at:

  • Website:

Rebe Hair

Rebe Hair is well-known among the leading wholesale hair extension suppliers in China for its high-quality hair products and great customer service.

  • Rebe Hair has over a decade of hair industry experience and has established itself as a leading supplier of premium weft hair extensions, weaves, wigs, and closures.
  • Their hair products are made from 100% natural, unprocessed human hair, which keeps the hair silky, lustrous, and long-lasting. Rebe Hair stands out for providing wholesale human hair wigs and this supplier is most popular with remy hair extensions wholesale
  • Rebe Hair is constantly on hand to provide tailored advice and guidance to ensure that customers make informed selections regarding their hair purchases.

Rebe Hair is one of the best China wholesale human hair extensions for people looking for high-quality wholesale hair extensions at a reasonable price.

Rebe Hair is well-known among the leading wholesale hair extension suppliers in China

Rebe Hair is well-known among the leading wholesale hair extension suppliers in China

Contact Rebe Hair at:

  • Website:

Unice Hair

Unice Hair is one of the most prominent wholesale hair extension suppliers in China. They have a reputation for supplying high-quality hair extensions as well as exceptional customer service.

  • Unice Hair focuses on ethically sourced, virgin hair extensions. Their extensions are renowned for their natural luster and longevity. Wigs are the best hair extension products of Unice Hair.
  • While their products are on the higher end, the quality justifies the cost for discerning buyers.
  • Unice Hair offers a comprehensive warranty and returns policy, demonstrating their confidence in their product quality.
  • They pride themselves on personalized customer service, ensuring that buyers receive the attention and support they need.

Unice Hair has established itself as one of China’s reputable wholesale hair extension factories.

Contact Unice Hair at:

  • Website:

Her Hair Company

Her Hair Company is a wholesale hair extensions distributor based in the United States that sources its hair extensions from India.

  • Her Hair Company has a variety of hair textures and colors to pick from, including remy hair, virgin Indian hair, and raw hair extensions. Wholesale human hair wigs and virgin hair extensions are the most popular products of this supplier.
  • Their products are well-known for their great quality and durability, making them a desirable alternative for salons and other businesses.
  • It is unique in that it offers a rewards program to its customers, collecting points for orders that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders

Her Hair Company must be your best option if you value inexpensive pricing and are unconcerned about quality.

Contact Her Hair Factory at: 

  • Website:
Her Hair Company has a variety of hair textures and colors to pick from

Her Hair Company has a variety of hair textures and colors to pick from

Mic Hair

Mic Hair is a well-known Vietnamese hair extensions factory that provides a variety of hair extensions.

  • They are well-known for their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to providing consumers with the highest quality remy hair extensions.
  • They provide a wide selection of hair lengths and colors to choose from, making it simple to discover the ideal match for your desired style. Weft hair extensions and remy human hair extensions are the most popular products of this supplier.
  • Mic Hair is more expensive than other Vietnamese hair vendors (starting at $9.8 for a bundle of natural straight hair 8 inches), but the hair quality is worth it.

Before choosing a wholesale hair extensions supplier, carefully evaluate your business needs, budget, and customer preferences. Additionally, always conduct thorough research and read customer reviews to ensure you select the hair extension manufacturer that best aligns with your goals and standards.

Contact Mic Hair at: 

  • Website:

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Tips for buying from wholesale hair extension suppliers

When it comes to purchasing hair extensions from wholesale hair extensions companies, it’s essential to make informed decisions to ensure you get the best hair extensions at a reasonable price. Here are some helpful tips to assist you get through the procedure:

Tips for choosing a reliable wholesale hair extension suppliers

Selecting a trustworthy wholesale hair extensions supplier is the foundation of a successful business. Here are some pointers to help you make the best decision:

  • Conduct extensive research: Start by researching potential hair extension companies thoroughly. Look for information online, including reviews, ratings, and testimonials. A supplier with a strong online reputation is more likely to be trustworthy.
  • Request references: Don’t hesitate to ask the supplier for references from previous clients. Speaking with these clients or reading reviews from other buyers can provide valuable insights into the supplier’s reliability, communication, and product quality.
  • Check certifications and standards: Reputable suppliers often have certifications related to hair quality, manufacturing standards, and ethical sourcing. Ask about these certifications to ensure that you’re dealing with a reliable supplier committed to quality.
  • Communication: A reliable supplier should be responsive and willing to address your questions and concerns promptly. Discuss the terms of purchase carefully, a reputable supplier will have clear policies on price, payment, shipping and returns.

By following these tips and conducting thorough research to know how to find a hair vendor, you can confidently a suppliers who meets your standards and provides you with the finest hair extensions for your customers

Tips for choosing a reliable hair extension suppliers

Tips for choosing a reliable hair extension suppliers

Tips for getting the best deal

Pricing is a critical factor when buying from wholesale hair extension suppliers. Here are valuable tips to help you get the best possible deals:

  • Compare multiple quotes: Reach out to several wholesale suppliers to request price quotes. Comparing quotes will help you gauge the market rate and identify any outliers.
  • Consider bulk orders: Evaluate your business needs and consider purchasing in larger quantities to benefit from bulk pricing. This can result in significant cost reductions over time.
  • Negotiate thoughtfully: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the supplier. Many suppliers are open to price negotiations, especially for significant or recurring orders. Approach negotiations respectfully and professionally to achieve mutually beneficial terms.
  • Evaluate shipping costs: Take shipping costs into account when comparing prices. Some suppliers may offer lower product prices but charge higher shipping fees, so consider the total cost when making your decision.

In summary, by applying these valuable tips for getting the best deal, you can save money while still securing high-quality products.

Tips for assessing hair quality

The quality of the hair extensions you offer plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. Here’s how to meticulously evaluate the quality of the hair and find the best hair extension product:

  • Request samples: Before committing to a substantial order, request samples of the best human hair extensions you intend to purchase. This allows you to assess the quality, texture, and color accuracy firsthand.
  • Texture evaluation: Pay close attention to the texture of the hair. High-quality extensions should feel smooth, be virtually tangle-free, and closely resemble natural hair.
  • Color consistency: Ensure that the hair extensions have consistent color throughout the bundle. Variations in color can indicate lower-quality products and might lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Durability testing: Perform durability tests on the samples by washing, styling, and wearing them. The best hair extensions should withstand these treatments without significant damage or changes in texture.
  • Ethical sourcing inquiry: Inquire about the sourcing practices of hair extension manufacturers to ensure that the hair extensions are ethically and sustainably obtained.
Assessing hair quality is an indispensable step when choosing wholesale hair extensions suppliers

Assessing hair quality is an indispensable step when choosing wholesale hair extensions suppliers


Purchasing products from wholesale hair extension suppliers requires a comprehensive approach. By selecting a reputable supplier, securing competitive prices, and thoroughly checking hair quality, you can build a thriving business that provides high-quality products to your clientele. 2V Hair Vendors ready to provide you a wide range of hair extensions regarding good price and exceptional quality for every package. 

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